Meet Jen.

Little bit nerdy, lotta bit heart.

jen petro
Hey, hey!

Sit with me a minute.

If you’re super put together and rocking it in every way, we probably can’t be friends. 

I’m a hot mess of a wife/mom/entrepreneur who botches things most each and every day. I’ve clawed my way through a few rough patches, coming out on the other side with a couple scars, some life lessons, and serious grit.

During a full-on family crisis, I grew a little side gig (out of sheer desperation) into a six-figure business — with zero biz skills or budget. I’ve been writing copy and helping build brands for companies around the world ever since through DropLeaf Communications

But perhaps most fun of all, I help women find direction and rejuvenation through personal retreats and teach many to start businesses of their own.

Reclaim your life.

Someday is here.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s this: we need to make every moment count. Life is crazy short and highly unpredictable and there’s no excuse for living a life we only half like.

Are you stuck in the someday trap? Someday you’ll take that class or start that business. Someday you’ll lose the weight. Someday you’ll have a better marriage.

No more somedays, friend. There’s only right now.

So pull that hair back (no root judgment here), dust the crumbs off your shirt, stand up straight and let’s get to work.

Not sure where to start? Taking a personal retreat is the perfect way to find direction, focus, and rest you need. 

Feeling beat down and beyond stressed?

Pandemic-Proof Your Life

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