My childhood hero was undoubtedly Wonder Woman, as played by Lynda Carter on the epically awesome tv show of the late 70s. She was fearless, striking, and held her own around the boys (and the bullet-deflecting wristbands didn’t hurt). She was exactly who I wanted to grow up to be—and I had the underoos to prove it.

So it should come as no surprise that I was among the first to see the reimagined Wonder Woman movie in theaters. Not only did I get to enjoy a massive box of Skittles without having to share with my kids, but I got to relive some of my childhood and come away with an amusing blog-worthy analogy.

In the movie, Wonder Woman (AKA Diana Prince) was raised by an overprotective mother in an idyllic Amazonian paradise protected by a sort of force field. Her well-intentioned mother shielded Diana from everything—the outside world, adventure, and even the truth of who she really was. But despite the limiting factors pressing in on her from the get-go, Diana pressed on, determined to strike out on her own and fulfill her mission in life. She left the safety and serenity of her island and people to follow her dreams. And of course, she met a devastatingly handsome man, kicked some serious butt, and lived a life of adventure forevermore.

So what’s holding you back from pursuing the business of your dreams? I encourage you to do some digging in your head. Identify what fears or limiting factors are holding you back from pursuing your dreams? Here are some common ones:

  • Fear of failure
  • Financial security
  • Guilt over investing in yourself
  • Critical voices from friends or family
  • Self-doubt
  • Childhood pain

Starting a business can be terrifying. It’s utterly overwhelming, and our fears and insecurities can have a death grip before we even step foot in the water. No matter your background or confidence level, we all have things in life that hold us back—they might be limiting beliefs or self-doubts, fears, past criticisms or deep wounds. Whatever the substance, they’re there, and they threaten to keep us in our little bubbles, afraid to step out and truly live. They hold us back from loving deeply and living courageously.

Make a list of any insecurities, doubts, or fears that might be at play. Consider sharing them with a trusted friend or family member (or even a great counselor). There’s power in calling these things out. And for me, it’s helpful to pause when I feel fear creeping up and ask myself these questions:

  • What’s making me feel this way? These thoughts are often irrational and out of left field.
  • Is there any truth to this? Usually there’s not!
  • How can I combat this fear or insecurity with reality? Identifying truths that oppose your fears can be crazy powerful.

Wading through the thoughts and circumstances that hold us back might not be any fun, but it can break us out of our little protective bubbles, bringing adventure and fulfillment into our lives like never before. So, my fellow superheroes, I encourage you to warrior on. We only have one shot at this life and we should live fully and without regret.

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