Design a Personal Retreat

Unplug, Reset, and Reclaim Your Life

Get refreshed and unstuck with a personal retreat.

You’re here because you want something better, aren’t you? It might be a better job, happier marriage, more energy, or to be a better mom. 

Chances are, the daily grind is really getting to you. You end your days feeling unfulfilled, unappreciated, and maybe even unseen. 

It’s time for a reboot. Time to find the refreshment, peace, and direction you are craving. 

    Meet Your Personal Retreat Guide

    Hi, I’m Jen! I could not be more excited for you right now, because personal retreats aren’t just a passion of mine … the first one I took literally changed my life. It gave me the rest, reset, and direction I desperately needed. And I know a personal retreat could do the same for you.

    As a mama, wife, and 11-year business owner, I know what it’s like to wake up feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. To always feel behind and not good enough. To feel exhausted from always pouring out for others.

    Going on a simple personal retreat (in the midst of a crazy hard season) was the catalyst for creating a life that I now love. My time away brought rest, clarity, and reenergized me for better serving others and showing up for myself.

    meet jen petro, your personal retreat guide

    Plan the perfect retreat for you (no matter your season of life)

    A step-by-step framework you can use for years to come


    8  short videos with everything you need to know

    TESTED Advice

    Retreat tips + exercises to make the most of your time


    Lovely, 40+ page workbook to guide you through


    Reflection + planning activities to inspire and grow you


    Built to use in your own way and on your own time

    take a personal retreat

    This program’s for you if…

    • You’re feeling completely overwhelmed and weary.
    • Investing in yourself feels selfish and indulgent.
    • You crave more freedom and fun in your days.
    • You feel unseen and unappreciated as you constantly pour out for others.
    • You lack direction and motivation in your life.
    • You have big ideas but struggle to find time to do anything about them.
    • Juggling all the things has left you resentful and bitter.
    • You just need a hot minute to yourself!

    Self-care that actually moves the needle in your life 

    A taste of what we’ll learn together:


    Personal Retreat Basics

    • Why you desperately need one
    • Retreat planning on a budget
    • How long your retreat should be
    • Choosing the right location
    • What to pack

    Making the magic happen

    • Building a retreat agenda
    • Reflection exercises
    • Creating a 3-year vision
    • Adding in rest and fun

    Taking your retreat home

    • Guidance for re-entry after your retreat
    • How to create a retreat-like life 
    • Small steps you can take to find refreshment and focus at home

    I often hear people say they’d love to get away for some alone time, but it’s just not the “right time.” I’ll share my personal story of taking a retreat in the midst of complete chaos in my life and tell you why NOW is the exact right time for you to do this life-changing getaway.

    LESSON 1: When & Where to Go

    The beauty of personal retreats are that they are PERSONAL! You get to build one that works for you, no matter your situation or season. In this lesson we’ll talk about where you should go and when to make it happen. You’ll also fill out a questionnaire to determine the ideal location for you.

    Bonus budget hack–>I’ll share some tips for planning on a shoestring or non-existent budget!

    LESSON 2: The 5 Retreat Intentions

    Maybe you’re at a pivot point in life. Or in the midst of a breakthrough (or breakdown). Or perhaps you’re just weary and need refreshment. No matter where you are, I’ll share five intentions you can build into your retreat to make the most of your time away. 

    LESSON 3: Finding Rest

    In today’s go, go, go world of constant connection, we leave ourselves feeling ragged and wiped out most days. Your retreat is a time for finding deep rest and relaxation. I’ll share specific things you can do during your time away (and at home) to find deep rest and rejuvenation. 

    LESSON 4: Reflecting on the Past to Build an Amazing Future

    Look at all areas of your life (family, career, health, hobbies, faith, relationships, etc.) to see where you’ve been and where you want to go. You’ll work through a series of powerful reflection questions to find clarity and momentum for moving forward. 

    LESSON 5: Rediscover Fun and Refuel

    As adults, we rarely build enough time into our days for simple fun and pleasure. But science shows that fun not only reduces stress, but actually influences our body, mind, and hormones. On your retreat, you’ll rediscover what lights you up and learn to make fun a regular part of your life. Plus you’ll just have some plain ol’ fun while you’re away!

    LESSON 6: Reclaim Your Life

    Quit drifting and set a course for the amazing life you were made for! We’ll walk through an impactful 3-year vision exercise AND you’ll discover the practical, tactical steps you can take each day to get you closer to that dream life of yours.

    LESSON 7: Creating a Retreat-Like Life

    I’ll help you prepare for re-entry after your retreat and you’ll learn how to build a retreat-like life at home…one that incorporates rest, focus, peace, and joy into your days no matter your season or situation. 

    It’s time to show up for yourself for once.

    Investing in you means investing in everyone around you. 

    After I took a personal retreat using Jen’s practical guidance and insights, I came away focused, rested, and ready to make real change in my life. And now I have Jen’s framework to plan my retreats year after year. Jen allows you to structure a personal retreat that fits you no matter your season or circumstance. Do not wait to make this happen!

    Cheryle Mitchell, educator and speaker

    I instantly felt the magic of the personal retreat once I blocked off the time at Jen’s prompting. And I realize now that I need to commit time to be with just me far more often. The retreat was transformational and I’m already planning my next one!

    Danielle Ireland, MSW, LCSW

    I’d always wanted to take a personal retreat, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d do. And I told myself it was selfish or I didn’t have time. Jen gave me a framework on what to do and permission to do it.

    Rachel Pritz, certified Enneagram coach

    The wear and tear of life is taking its toll on you.

    A personal retreat is your answer to overwhelm, fatigue, and lack of focus.

    Do I have to go alone?

    Spending time alone can feel awkward and unsettling if you’re not used to it, but the benefits are GREAT. Solitude allows you to get to know yourself better and find the refreshment and inspiration you desperately need. I highly recommend taking your personal retreat solo.

    If you feel super uncomfortable going alone, one option would be to go somewhere with another person, but to spend most of your time apart (maybe only being together in the evenings or for meals). 

    How do I convince my spouse?

    My husband was a little skeptical when I took my first retreat, too. But as soon as he saw how refreshed and refocused I was when I got back, he was ALL IN and now he takes his own retreats. Explain that a little time away will allow you to rest and refuel so you can better show up for your family and others. It’s so true!

    How much time do I need for a retreat?

    The beauty of retreats is that you can do what works for you! If all you can pull off this year is a few hours at a nearby coffee shop or park, DO THAT! If you can take a few days and stay somewhere away from home, DO THAT! Start where you are with what you have. You’ll still see massive benefits.

    What if I don't have the money for a retreat?

    I had ZERO extra money when I took my first retreat. You can get creative like I did and still make it happen. This course will give you plenty of suggestions for taking a retreat on a tiny (or non-existent) budget.


    $97 USD

    Commit to a better future and a better you!

    A personal retreat is what you need to make real change happen.

    This robust program gives you everything you need to plan the perfect retreat year after year. What are you waiting for?

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